Champions Trophy 2025 Lahore Set to Host All India Matches

Champions Trophy 2025: Lahore Set to Host All India Matches

Champions Trophy 2025: Lahore Set to Host All India Matches 1280 853 D. I. Khan New City

Following a heart-wrenching loss to India in the 2024 T20 World Cup, Pakistan may soon have an opportunity for redemption. Reports suggest that a highly anticipated India-Pakistan clash in Lahore is nearly confirmed for the Champions Trophy 2025.


According to draft schedules submitted to the International Cricket Council (ICC), the India-Pakistan match is slated to be the final league game of the Champions Trophy 2025, which will take place in Pakistan from February 19 to March 9, 2025.


The eagerly awaited match in Lahore, however, hinges on the approval of the Indian government. If approval is not granted, the tournament might adopt a hybrid model, similar to the previous Asia Cup, with the UAE potentially hosting India’s matches. Despite the uncertainties, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been advised to proceed with the necessary preparations.


The PCB has earmarked Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi as venues for the 20-day tournament. Lahore is expected to host seven matches, including all of India’s games, while Rawalpindi will host five matches and Karachi three. The tournament is set to kick off with the opening match in Karachi on Wednesday, February 19, and will feature one semifinal in Karachi and the other in Rawalpindi. The final is scheduled for Sunday, March 9, in Lahore.


Currently, these scheduling and venue proposals are in the draft stage, pending final approval from the ICC and adherence to geopolitical considerations. The PCB is actively moving forward with its plans, awaiting the final decision from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Government of India.